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Figure 5

From: Mutations in the nuclear localization sequence of the Aristaless related homeobox; sequestration of mutant ARX with IPO13 disrupts normal subcellular distribution of the transcription factor and retards cell division

Figure 5

ARX-Wt protein is abnormally localized when co-transfected with N-terminally truncated V5-IPO13. HEK293T cells transfected with Myc-ARX-Wt and V5-IPO13 were assessed for localization of the resulting ARX protein, either normal nuclear localization (grey) or abnormal localization as inclusions or aggregates in the nucleus, with or without aggregates in the cytoplasm (black). (A) Combined count of cells transfected with ARX with or without V5-IPO13, (B) cells with only ARX expression and (C) cells with both ARX and V5-IPO13 expression.

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